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Job Opportunities:

Current is a nonprofit water innovation hub, headquartered in Chicago.  They are offering two internships this summer, applications are due May 29:

  1. Water Innovation Engineering Internship
  2. Water Innovation Communications/Marketing Internship

International Society for Industrial Ecology: Learn More

Biofuels Digest: Learn More

Funding Opportunities:

E&T Innovation Awards

categories related to sustainability:

Future Power & Energy

Communications & IT

Manufacturing 4.0

Sustainable Planet

Judges Award: TechforGood

Intelligent Systems

Model-Based Engineering

Creating a Smarter World


Cisco Research and Innovation

1) RFP-20-02: Global Conservation – Science and Technology Meet for Species Conservation

Brief Summary: The intersection between technology strategy and ecosystem conservation, referred to as techno-conservation, is an area of interest for Cisco. In this RFP, we are seeking multidisciplinary research teams to investigate and evaluate the intersection of science and technology to drive the advancement of biotelemetry; conservation of a variety of endangered or at-risk species (including terrestrial, aquatic, avian, et al.) and their environments and ecosystems; and the impacts of human activity on species and ecosystems (including chemical and acoustic pollution, deforestation, soil erosion, overfishing, etc.).


2) RFP-20-01: Global Conservation – Sustainable Economic Development
Brief Summary: The intersection between technology strategy and ecosystem conservation, referred to as techno-conservation, is an area of interest for Cisco. In this RFP, we are seeking systems researchers to investigate and evaluate new and evolving business strategies, economic models, and partnership models associated with technology evolution in the conservation industry.


Georgia-Pacific: “Low-cost compostable foam replacement”


 Brief summary: “We are seeking a sustainable solution for single-use tabletop products that matches the performance of foam at a comparable cost. We are most interested in solutions with a demonstrated proof of concept and short paths to commercialization. Possible partnerships include joint development, investment, licensing, acquisition or supply agreements.”


NSF Civic Innovation Challenge

The Civic Innovation Challenge (CIVIC) (NSF, DOE, DHS) is a research and action competition that aims to fund ready-to-implement, research-based pilot projects that have the potential for scalable, sustainable, and transferable impact on community-identified priorities.  CIVIC will fund projects that can produce significant community impact within 12 months (following a four-month planning phase) —in contrast to many community-university partnerships that take years to provide tangible benefits to communities —and have the potential for lasting impact beyond the period of the CIVIC award.Stage 1: Planning Grants (no limits for proposals per institution)

Application Deadline: July 1, 2020

Award Size: Up to $50K

Expected No. of Awards Per Track: Up to 12

Length of Stage: 4 Months

Stage 2: Full Awards (no limits for proposals per institution)

Application Deadline: March 31, 2021

Award Size: Up to $1M

Expected No. of Awards Per Track: Up to 4

Length of Stage: 12 Months

Track A. Communities and Mobility: Offering Better Mobility Options to Solve the Spatial Mismatch Between Housing Affordability and Jobs

Track B. Resilience to Natural Disasters: Equipping Communities for Greater Preparedness and Resilience to Natural Disasters


Foundation Funding Opportunities

Please contact the Office of Foundation Relations for additional information about these opportunities. Our team is also available to advise and assist with proposal development. 

PLEASE NOTE: Many foundations are extending application deadlines due to the COVID-19 situation. Please check the foundation’s website or email for more information.
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF): Global Ideas for U.S. Solutions: Cities Taking Action to Address Health, Equity, and Climate Change
OFR Contact: Chloe Taft Kang (Evanston campus faculty) or Michelle Melin-Rogovin  (Feinberg faculty)
Amount: $600,000
Deadline: 4/30/20
RWJF seeks proposals to identify one or more impactful programs, policies, or interventions from a city outside the United States to adapt or adopt and implement in a U.S. city(ies) to address the threat of climate change and advance health equity. Specifically, it is seeking proposals that explore changes in city planning, policies, and programs that address: buildings and energy; land use and urban planning; transportation; waste; food systems and food security; and air quality. Note: The organization implementing the successful approach in a U.S. city(ies) must serve as the primary applicant. An individual from a collaborating organization (e.g., community organization, research partner) may serve as the co-project director. Applicants not representing city government will be required to submit a letter of support from the head of the U.S. city department with whom the applicant will most closely work.
Water Research Foundation: Paul L. Busch Award
OFR Contact: Chloe Taft Kang
Amount: $100,000
Deadline: 6/1/20
The Water Environment & Reuse Foundation Endowment for Innovation in Applied Water Quality Research recognizes outstanding achievement and creative vision through the Paul L. Busch Award. The award seeks to distinguish individuals poised for greater recognition of their innovative, ongoing contributions to water quality advancements. Individuals from all segments of the water quality community are encouraged to apply.

Corporate Funding Opportunities
Connect with Corporate Engagement to discuss any of these funding opportunities. 

PLEASE NOTE: Many corporations are extending application deadlines due to the COVID-19 situation. Please check the corporation’s website or email for more information.
Facebook: Statistics for Improving Insights, Models and Decisions
Amount: up to $50,000
Deadline: 4/29/20 (extended from 3/25/20)
External researchers can submit proposals to address challenges in applied statistics that have direct applications for producing more effective insights and decisions for data scientists and researchers. Facebook has a large, active and diverse community of practitioners, so we are interested in a varied set of statistical topics, including but not limited to experimentation, forecasting, predictive modeling, survey and ground truth modeling and sampling. The following are some specific examples of topics that are important to Facebook, but we will gladly review proposals for areas that are not listed below.


NASA has issued an announcement for the Research Opportunities in Space and Earth Sciences (ROSES) 2020. This opportunity covers a wide range of spaces including biodiversity, earth surface and interior, global ecosystem dynamics, and modeling, analysis, and prediction, with a variety of due dates that can be accessed from this website.  The full solicitation is available here

Fellowship and Award Opportunities:

The Department of Energy Office of Science’s Graduate Student Research Program sponsors doctoral candidates who are citizens or resident permanent aliens to spend 3-12 months collaborating with a researcher at a national laboratory.  The application for this program has a relatively high success rate.  While students can apply to carry out research at any national laboratory, the Northwestern-Argonne Institute helps connect interested students with Argonne collaborators who can provide useful insights during the application process.  Students interested in modeling of energy systems, development of materials for use in renewable energy applications, lithium-ion battery and beyond lithium-ion battery development, catalysis, and many other areas could have the opportunity to enhance their research experience through participating in a research group at Argonne.  The NU-Argonne Institute will host a Zoom meeting on March 18 at noon for graduate students interested in this opportunity.

Interested students can email to sign up and will receive a $10 Starbucks gift card for participating in lieu of lunch.  Additional information will be distributed to departmental graduate student coordinators.  The deadline for the fellowship opportunity is May 6, 2020 and more information is available at this website.

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